Hi, i placed an order thru the app for

Andrew DaSilva

And the food place was

Mama Mia Pizzeria

I ordered the following items:

1 Med Cheese Pizza (Extra Cheese)

1 order of Bread Roll

1 order of Deep Fried Raviolis

1 order of Diet Pepsi

My issues with the order:

- The deep fried raviolis were rock hard

- The bread roll wasnt covered in its own bag or container (just tossed in the bag with order uncovered) which to me is a food safety issue

- i requested utensils and didnt recieve them I tried to display the complaint on the app but i couldnt fill it out for both as i had a bad quality / food safety issue. My email is BigDrewEnt@***.com and my number is 559-652-**** if you can please reach me about the order. Thank you

Overall, i am not satisfied about the order.

Location: Oregon, United States

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