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My name is Akeem Fasasi and I am writing this email to report a situation that took place December 12th 9:20 EST. On this day, I placed an order with monkey sushi.

While my order was being dispatched, I monitored very closely on the app to stay updated on the arrival of my delivery as I was famished. While staying on the app waiting for over 40 min, i noticed the driver getting closer to my location and while getting ready to receive my order i got a notification from the app saying my order got canceled, i was confused as to what the problem was. I called the restaurant I placed the order with and they said all they know is the food was picked up from their store, knowing fully well that this was out of there power i called UBER customer service and i was able to get someone on the phone to speak with.

The name provided to me by the customer representative i spoke with was CJ, i do not know if this is his actual name but CJ displayed a very rude and unprofessional response to this situation, when i was done explaining the messy situation to CJ, all he said and kept on saying was " you were not charged, we will not be compensating you, he can not replace the order for me" these were all the words that CJ kept saying. As a man who was very much hungry, these were not what I wanted to hear, last i checked this delivery person by the name Prashanth was not sent by me, it was sent by the uber company so this situation was very much out of my power too.

I am sending this email to express my disappointment with this particular CSR I spoke with, i would like for the conversation between this man and I to be pulled up and listened to.

There was no sort of apology or understanding; he just kept on repeating those three sentences and believe me when I say I was this close to deleting the UBER EAT app off my phone and that of my family. Please see to this, looking forward to hearing back. This is the interaction number provided to me by CJ-904B5A6FF

From: Uber Support

Sent: December 12, 2021 9:47 PM

To: princefasasi@***.com

Subject: Your conversation with Uber

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Your conversation with Uber


Phone conversation resolved

Sent by CJ on Monday, December 13, 2021 at 2:46:51 AM


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