Food was left at my door that someone else had ordered - I tried through my Ring doorbell to call out to the driver, but they left too quickly. There was nothing on the order slip attached to the package to indicate where it should have gone, and only a name of a (chain) restaurant with no address or phone #.

I called Customer Service but they said to throw the food away - did not help me find the owner. I HATE to throw good food away when people in my own city still face serious food insecurity. I tried going door to door on my street but it didn't belong to any of my neighbors. I wish I could say this never happened before, but it has - in one case, the driver kept arguing with me that she had the right address even though the address on her order was clearly LIKE my address but not EXACTLY my address.

Maybe that time the delivery reached the customer, but more often than not, they just drop the package and run and it results in wasted food, wasted time, pissed off customers and pissed off recipients of unordered food. Please Uber Eats, put SOMETHING on your ticket to indicate the address where the food should go so at least we can finish doing the job you should have done in the first place and get the food to the rightful owner.

User's recommendation: Avoid Uber Eats - they charge a fortune, most of which does NOT go to the restaurants, and their service is very careless.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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