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I ordered from tacos bell in Pleasantville New Jersey at 11:10, my latest arrival time was 12:55. I didnt

Want to Wait that long so I immediately tried to Cancel but no cancel option was available, so I just waited.

The entire time I waited my order was shown to still be preparing at no point did it move past preparing order. After waiting until 12:55 an error message prompted, and read we are having trouble getting a driver your order has been pushed to 1:05. Taco Bell closes at 1:00 am. Then 5 minutes after that the time

Re adjusted with no message and it

Read 1:15 am.

At this time Im highly upset and it still reads we received your order and preparing it. So at this time I try to Cancel again and it finally allows me to and says it may be a charge obviously this is agreeable in my eyes a small charge for canceling my order, I look at my receipt and

I see refund next to All items, even the tip I gave but it Said I was being charged 22$ so in my eyes of

Course Im Thinking they are charging my card back 22$ and keeping the 2$ tip

I gave. Why wouldnt I think that if Im reading my receipt and refund is next to

All items. Come to find out they charge me 22$ because they say my order was made but How is that possible if at no point did it read my food was prepared and ready to Be delivered ?

If my order was ready then by the time it would have arrived which would of Been close to 1:30 or past it which means my order wouldnt of been fresh it would have been cold, this taco bell not Ruth and Chris or outback so we arent going to make believe my food would have been fresh waiting clearly over an hour for it with no indication of a correct arrival time or that my food was ready because as I stated Taco Bell closes at 1am on Saturdays in Pleasantville NJ. I feel like I was bamboozled and I want a complete refund of my money. I waited over an hour for food that never came nor was being processed correctly through the app. I tried numerous times to Cancel and at no avail was I able

To until my delivery time was adjusted twice, with no clear indication my food was even prepared.

Taco Bell is literally about 7 blocks from my house and estimated car time of about 2 mins or Less. Then to show me refund in my receipt when I finally am

Able to cancel and then email me

Saying check back later u able to load bell content and something went wrong. But had no problem allowing me in the app yesterday and still showed no Carriers around for restaurants and no type of error messages but when I cancel my order after a long wait and try to

Contact the company it wouldnt allow me in the app at all and you guys charged me 22$ for a meal that never even said it was made nor even got to the stage of your food is finished and awaiting pick up is complete and utter disregard for my funds and is a trick in my eyes. How is it you can take my money and I cant at no

Point cancel my order until you guys allow me to under the circumstances you choose to deem fit, then Charge me an obscene amount of money for a meal that never even said it was fully prepared or even ready to be picked up by an Uber eats driver.

I am completely disgusted with your app and as I said would like a refund due to the trickery of your app and negligence in times and order status. Clearly if I knew it would of resulted in me Losing out on my hard earned money due to technical difficulties and Mis representation of order status I wouldve waited to cancel and called or E mailed the following day. Afterwards I try to find the help button after seeing they charged me a anyway and the app wouldnt allow me back into the home area, mind you I just used this app

The other night and it showed no Carriers for many restaurants but when an error happens and yall charge me it freezes and wouldnt let me in the app at all saying please Refund me the entirety of

My receipt 24.74$ N the photos I provided it shows on my Home Screen my order is still being prepared at that time it was 4 oclock and the message notifications came 3 hours prior to that which means at 1 am it still said preparing your order.

The other photos show the issues I had trying to get help through the app but right after I cancel led this

Problem kept prompting up, the. The order says I canceled at 1131 and that is completely false because i didnt

Cancel until past 1am.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ubereats Pros: Service complaintd unsvailble, I am about to delete this app, Food gets delivered.

Ubereats Cons: Canceled my order two hours after placing it.

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