I placed an order from colcatta wok and total came around $51 and change with tip

The driver at first called me and ask

For Rite home address which I am

still not sure how my address wasnt there since I Always order from my Uber eats app and my real address is there

After 25 minute of waiting I Got called from some random dude saying my order is canceled which Might be ok since I have some previous bad experiences with uber but he also said you will be charged the whole amount since the address was not correct

I am Covid patient I cant go out and if he wont have picked up the food I would probably send someone to get it

Its highly unacceptable on charged someone due to canceled order especially someone people Like us who

Only uses Uber eats and the worst part drive didnt even care to pick up phone or call back saying the order is cancel

If he wanted to cancel the order he should. Not picked up the food

I would like the whole refund

I mention again I am covid patient and I will definitely like refund and some strictaction against driver

User's recommendation: Should not charge customer for not delivering food if it’s small error from customer rather try and fix error.

Location: Piscataway Township, New Jersey

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