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I ordered from Wendys, thirty dollars in total, and when the food arrived I didnt get the ice cream I ordered, instead I got coffee. The lady who delivered was very antsy and said that she couldnt see the order after marking is as delivered, but she had other orders she needed to deliver, and recommended that i contact support about it and take care of it with them.

So she left me with the stuff and literally not only did I not get what I ordered but the fries were so cold, it said she made a stop before delivering to us and I dont doubt thats why. So we had two meals and neither had edible fries, we didnt get our requested drinks, and our burgers looked like theyd been through a war and lost. I wasnt impressed and sent a complaint the same day literally minutes after she left. They said they would get back to my complaint as soon as possible.

It took them two days to get back to me and when they did they said they were sorry and gave me five Uber bucks in compensation. Well I was trying to be patient but when they said that was all they could I was going to let it slide, but then I realized that yes, they can do more than that. If door dash could give me a refund when they messed up, so can ubereats. Like *** do I want to use them again.

So I told them I just wanted a refund and they could keep their five Uber dollars. Well when I sent my reply it told me that I had to wait for the next available support representative, that took four hours. Well it took quite a few messages before I got to get a message from a supervisor, each time I replied to one of their messages it took them hours to reply and it switched me to a new representative every time. The supervisor said their team was working on resolving the issue.

In the end I got a message saying they were sorry my experience was terrible but they already gave me the five Uber dollars. I didnt ask for that and they gave it to me without me even having any say in it! I just wanted a refund! After I asked why they couldnt just get me a refund and take back their Uber cash I didnt get a response, instead I got ghosted.

They marked my thing as resolved, again like they did after every time they replied, only their was no response. I then sent a message, reopening the complaint, asking to speak to a manager. This was also marked as resolved without a response.

So Im just done and I want to talk to a real person to get my thirty dollars back, theyre the actual worst. Ive never had a worse experience with any customer service in my entire life, any service in general.

User's recommendation: Don’t use ubereats.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ubereats Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $33.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ubereats Cons: Everything about it.

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