So basically, on 25th dec 2021, I was in LA, I had an order from a store there for $20; after they processed the payment I get a receipt saying I tipped the rider $2,000, they really do believe in Christmas it seems. I immediately called for a refund and they said they were doing it.

It is now 24th of jan and I still havent received a refund. They keep claiming they processed it and keep changing the dates they apparently processed it. From 26th to 27th and now 28th. I have tried to contact them severally throughout the first week of jan thinking it might be taking some time to reflect.

However it hasnt reflected yet. I try calling and they say no one available use the app. Using the app I complain continuously and they say theyve processed it last year; it has reached a point every message I send them they mark as resolved without responding. All my attempts to get some help from them are in vain.

I dont know what to do. Its a lot of money.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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