To whom it may concern,

My name is Paul Trinca, and my address is 45 Kirkwood Drive, West Seneca NY 14224.

On the evening of November 18th, 2021, a friend of ours from out of state named Charles Spine ordered a large meal for my family of 7 as a kind gesture (we were sick that week). I was unaware that he did this, as it was apparently meant to be a surprise.

The phone number associated with his Uber Eats account is (509)-828-****.

The order was from Taco Bell, and the first payment to Uber Eats totaled $60.74. The secondary payment to Uber Eats totaled $9.86 and I'm assuming that was the delivery fee. These were both paid through his PayPal account. The first transaction ID is 0SB82229NN722893N, and the second transaction ID for the delivery fee is 3TG875015A405494A.

When I encountered the driver at my door, I told him we hadn't ordered anything--because we hadn't.

He asked if my address was 45 Kirkwood Drive, and I confirmed that it was, but repeated that we hadn't ordered anything. He asked my name, and when I told him, he said that wasn't the name on the order. He seemed very confused, as was I, and he said he was going to try to figure out if there was a mistake made, so he took the food back to his car. He never came back to the door again, and left.

We just figured that there was a mistaken address and the right people ended up getting their order.

However, Charles just reached out to me today and made me aware that they had a meal delivered last week, and all of a sudden everything started to make sense. Apparently Charles had requested that we find out that it was a gift from him when the meal was delivered. This driver not only failed to communicate these details, but was completely unaware of them. Worse, he never followed up with either myself or Charles, who placed the order.

He just disappeared, and Charles ended up paying a total of $70.60 that night for absolutely nothing.

There is absolutely no excuse for charging someone for a meal that was never actually delivered--especially when the person who placed the order was never even contacted when there was an issue that needed resolving. I am requesting (and I wholly expect) that this refund be issued to Charles. This is no small amount, and he should have never paid for this meal without being contacted first when there was an issue. He was never even made aware that there was an issue, and was under the impression that we received the meal he paid for.

Please make this right, and issue him a full refund.

If I am needed to facilitate this refund in any regard, I can be contacted at trincapm01@***.com, or called at (716)-548-****. Otherwise you have Charles' phone number in this email, the one associated with his account. His email is chazspine@***.com.

You can contact him as well if he is needed to provide further information to process the refund. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Paul Trinca

Location: New York, New York

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