Today I placed an order and quickly realized that I had it going to my work address, not home. I cancelled since that was the only option- and was charged almost $20.

I tried to speak to a customer rep- explaining that I use Uber eats all of the time and Ive never made this error before and asking for them to waive the fee. Not only was Renz unhelpful, but when I asked if there was a customer service survey I could take- he was down right rude.

I have never dealt with such unhelpful representatives and Ive now cancelled my Uber One account because I wont use this service again. Its really ridiculous how I was treated for asking a Simple question.

User's recommendation: Use Grubhub.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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You weren’t asking a simple question. You did not get your way and were trying to be threatening by asking to take a customer survey.


I agree that is the case. Too many childish "adults" on this site.

Not only that but this immature person is mistaking not getting her way as rude. This childish adult needs to pay the fee, and learn from her mistakes, rather than mistake no as rude.


Thank you. People fail to understand that within seconds of her order a driver was assigned to her order.

Yes she canceled but that doesn’t pay the driver who was taken out of the rotation for other paying orders. Someone has to pay.

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