So me and my family are in town for a family function. We are staying at a hotel.

We order $140 worth of food. We get a notification that our food is on the way. When I feel receive the picture of our food being dropped off at our hotel door, I go to open my room door and there is no food there. Me and another adult go look up and down the hallway, then we notice the carpet in the picture is not even the same as the location we are at.

I contact Uber eats and they tell me I cannot get a refund. Im pissed! Who the *** has $140 to just give away. So not only are we out of money.

We never received our food. We have hungry kids and *** I will NEVER use them again. I talked to 5 different representatives all of them said the same *** We show the order as complete and with fraud being so high we cannot offer a refund. Wtf does that have to do with me.

I didnt get my *** so give me back my damn money. These companies are just terrible as *** I understand ppl will lie about this kind of stuff but if i am telling Uber eats the pic doesnt even match the outside door of the address I gave. How the *** am i responsible for their *** up?

They definitely lost a customer and honestly if yall cant hire adequate and trust worthy employees, then shut the company down. Because this is ridiculous.

User's recommendation: Don’t use the app. Just go pick up your own food. Cheaper anyway.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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