After a long day I ordered from Uber eats and was called by the merchant a.k.a. the restaurant and was told the same in with my order was not available and theyre not sure why Uber eats still had it on the menu when they stated it wasnt available and allowed me to order it.

The restaurant representative then asked me if I still wanted the rest of my order or did I want to cancel it or substitute my salmon for something else. I advised her I would like to order the rest of my items and just leave the salmon off. This representative contacted me via telephone and actual conversation. A few minutes after getting off of the phone and being told by the restaurant representative that my order will be ready in a few minutes I received a message from UberEats stating my order has been canceled.

No explanation no reasoning behind why they cancel my order at which time I call their so-called customer service. The first customer service agent thought I was just going to keep letting him sweet stuff under the rug because he kept telling me my money was refunded my money was refunded my money was refunded then he told me I couldnt speak to his supervisor. I hung up on him after letting him know he was incompetent and called again. I was then swept under the rug again by the second representative however on my other cell phone I contacted bonefish Grill where my order was being placed and spoke with the same female from the restaurant because I was told by overeats representative that the restaurant cancel my order not the driver or Uber eats.

But when confronted by the restaurant the UberEats representative backtracked and stated the driver canceled it. Then I see that my card was still pending $77.21 but the adjustment on my UberEats account shows $68.33 being put back onto my card in 5 to 10 business days . What troubles me here is theres $8.88 missing and no one can tell me where my money is. I do not agree to pay the driver because he was no help and hes the person canceled my order and told the restaurant representative that it would not cancel my entire order but allow her to request a new driver and it did not hes the reason Im going through this hes the reason I dont have food hes the reason Im missing money from my account and hes the reason Im ticked off.

Uber eats puts people behind the phone that one I cant understand to their incompetent three they have no customer service skills for they think by using maam and sir and your monies been deposited back into your account that thatll just wipe everything away and youll be OK! Uber eats is one of the most incompetent useless pathetic companies Ive ever put my money into and I understand why they have a 1.5 review because they suck

User's recommendation: Don’t use UBEREATS.

Ubereats Cons: Take your money and do not provide the service you paid for, Customer service is hard to reach, Customer service didnt listen to a word i said.

Location: 2519 North McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, FL 33761

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