I should have been refunded the entire $85.00 after my fish dinners were stolen. I was sent to 6ya.com it cost me $9.99 extra to get help.

They didnt help me at all. This has been a lot of stress for me. Unless I get refunded all my money Im never using Uber or Uber eats again! I was done wrong and I dont feel compensated at all!

I will spread the news unless Im compensated.

You went in my account and took money $30.00 something after you gave me $60.00 something!

Out of $85.00 dollars thats a big loss.

Im searching now for a new company unless this matter is corrected by Uber eats and my driver should not be tipped at all. The restaurant said they gave her 3 bags. She showed up with 1 and said thats all they gave her because she wanted the fish dinners for herself! She said she would go pick up the meals and bring them back.

I waited 2 hours then called the restaurant. They said she didnt return to get anything and they gave her 3 bags.

Im so pissed off.

Unless this problem is fixed

Never will I use Uber again.

To ride or Ubereats period!

Fix it or Im telling the truth about your driver! She never came back!!!

User's recommendation: Don’t use ubereats.

Location: Delray Beach, Florida

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