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I placed a dq order on 4/28. I watched the driver get to the place and they made the order.

This was around 7:30pm. Next thing the order got canceled. I had 3 more drivers pick it up and cancel. The 4th one Justin I message just like the other 4 except i tell him how everyone else canceled and he said he dont mind waiting.

At this point i was talking to customer service. The first rep did nothing and ended the chat and pretended like there weren't 5 drivers who picked up this order. I message back get another rep who offers me 2.36 and i said nope that's a slap in the face when i have waited so long. Well i get a message my order was delivered and i try and call jason 2 times and he never answers.

I message the system and it says its giving me only $19 out of over $24 spent. Then it says a 0 refund was issued. I called dairy queen and the first guy who canceled got my food yet never delivered it and instead canceled it. The other drivers all were turned away because the guy said it got picked up.

Not one of your drivers even the one i was messaging bothered to tell me any of this. I waited over an hour, got no food, the first guy stole my food, the last guy got my tip and i was charged all these fees and now kts saying zero refund. If someone doesnt call me in the next 24hrs this will be theft because i have the workers there who said your worker took my order yet at that time i was still talking to customer service and had to place another order and customer service said they were waiting for a driver to claim this order.

I have all the screenshots and at this point that money better be refunded, the first drive5 fired for theft, all 4 other drivers disciplined for not using their messaging to say anything to me yet getting tipped. I better not find this goes no where and i get a generic response.

User's recommendation: Right now with companies so low on workers 9 times out of 10 orders are messed up. With that just know they won't refund your money if you complain too many times even though they know right now staffing is a problem with a lot of companies. They will not speak with you and in my case have actually stolen money several times and they don't even know their own policies. The reps barely speak English and because they are located somewhere else they absolutely don't care how they treat you.

Location: Detroit, Michigan

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The "other 4 drivers would not have been tipped.


They weren't tipped. No one said they were.

The first driver canceled the order after he took the food from Dairy Queen and it canceled on my end.

I had to place it again, but the kid at DQ who brought me my food after hours said he handed it to that driver. The last driver I was actually speaking with when he went to pick it up and was told by that kid at DQ my order was picked up he should have messaged me and told me that since well he had an order on his screen but nope he marked the order as delivered and so he got my tip and they charged me for food we never got.


Look at the next to last sentence of your review. “All 4 other drivers......yet getting tipped.” I would say you implied they were tipped.

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