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Original review updated by user Dec 30, 2021

This is in no way any reflection on Perkins.

This is an Uber Eats issue:

The food came but by the time I saw it it was hours after ordering, the food was sitting outside in the cold for who knows how long, and was even missing multiple items. I never received a message after the order was placed, so I assumed the order did not go through because there was no notification the order was even processed.

I ended up just making eggs at home because I figured there was no delivery happening.

I checked it three times for a confirmation that the order was processed, and I kept looking to find the order tracker for the food. After 45 minutes, I just gave up and made my own food.

There's nothing on the app even saying I ordered from Perkins. There is no record of my order at all, but money was taken. I paid over $70 for food from Perkins through the app and have no receipt other than the proof money was taken from my PayPal.

I have ordered food from this app Many times before and this has never happened.

The food sat outside for an hour, no one rang a doorbell or knocked texted or called when it got here. Now I'm out over $70 the food is basically frozen, and I already ate. If I saw the order was processed I would have kept my eye on the eta and track it like I always do and take it inside, not leave it in the cold outside. So gross, a waste of perfectly good food and a lot of money because it is now ethically and physically inedible.

Who even brought it here is the most disturbing question I have (15% gratuity was tipped to an unknown driver) and this process was so shady from start to finish, I'm not comfortable ordering from this service again. I tried to call and there was no open line for customer service. If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn't have paid for delivery, it's easier to get it myself. This unprofessional and I'm not comfortable with the fact the food sat there so long and no-one sent me a message it was even here.

Where is my order information?

Why cant I see this purchase history on my app? I want someone to contact me immediately about a full refund.

User's recommendation: If the order is not there on the app money should not be taken from my account. When food is delivered I want to be notified. A call text knock doorbell ring or some kind of verbal confirmation the food is outside so the animals don’t get to it first.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ubereats Pros: I need a refund, Need to get my money back, Food was destroyed, No receipts.

Ubereats Cons: Missing food, Lost money, Food ruined, No communication, Charges for food you do not receive.

Location: 5163 Milford Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

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