There was a scam business that I placed a order with not knowing they were a scam, they were listed on Ubereats site,as if they were a restaurant. I googled their address and used satellite image to see they weren't a restaurant.

I immediately took screenshots and reported to Ubereats,which said they had to "investigate", a received a email by Customer Support Jed stating he refunded the funds and they should appear 3-5 business days,that never happened now I am disputing it with the bank. I saw another scam on their site as well but at least they had it labeled,I have a screenshot of the place that scammed me they listed them as ***DO NOT ACTIVATE*** New York Style... They have a sorry system that is allowing people to list businesses that do not exist and then seem to give customers a hard time to get their funds back. 3-5 business days back on December 8, 2021 have come and gone,still no refund so I have gone a step further to get them to correct this issue.

I have given them so much business!!! They ought to give me $100 for the whole mess but I will take my $61.65 as well.

Shameful bad business practices. Why aren't they checking out businesses who want to sell food on their site????

User's recommendation: Please run the address in google of any place before making an order,if you can't see an address for the place don't order.

Location: Miami, Florida

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