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I have been working with Uber each now for a little over three weeks I had to initially wait because they had to do a background check which is very understandable but that itself took almost a month to come back when it did come back I was cleared to work I started out doing Uber eats and Uber eats only. after a week of doing Uber Eats.

I decided that I wanted to. pick up people in also deliver alcohol I was told that they would have to do another background check on me now I have been waiting for this background check to come back now for almost a week and a half a week and it is kept me from working it's affecting my livelihood my family my kids.

family and my kids this just takes entirely too long I do understand taking precautions and procedures but you guys have already ran my background check. I just don't see nor understand why it would need to be done again and if it had to be done again why it would take so long.

Ubereats Pros: Getting to meet new people is always a blessing.

Ubereats Cons: Not enough money at all.

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