I did not receive any communication or attempted contact from the delivery driver, after including a specific delivery note and meet up plan at his/her vehicle. I therefore went downstairs at my office to search for the driver-- during the time window I was told the food would be there (via the website through which I ordered).

Once the projected delivery time was just about up, I eventually checked my Uber app to find out the driver canceled my order.

It also stated I would still be charged.

I was upset, not to mention famished. I contacted Uber Eats by phone after the restaurant explained that they were not a part of Uber Eats, but verified the food was indeed picked up for delivery.

The Uber Eats CSR who took my call was extremely attentive, understanding. And nice. She repeated back what I said, and asked clarifying questions.

She asked permission to put me on hold and gave me a time she would return.

I ended up with a pleasing resolution.

I believe her name was joy. I was about to write off Uber Eats, but she made it okay.

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

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