Someone ordered Uber eats from McDonald's and took a picture of it at our house. We didn't order anything so asked the neighbor next door she said it wasn't hers, so asked the one upstairs, but they didn't answer.

Tried to call Uber eats to get the house and apartment number, but they wouldn't tell us, we just wanted to bring the bag to the right house since the drive took a picture of it at our house I don't need someone to come knocking on my door because the picture shows their food was left here, and the lady is telling me it's mine and I got free food. Then I called McDonald's, who said they don't keep records of who orders or any of their information.

So my husband called Uber eats and spoke with someone who said to leave it outside, the driver was coming back. Well no one came back, I've been waiting two hours CUZ I don't want to leave a bag of food on my porch all night for animals to get into.

User's recommendation: Just keep the food save your time.

Location: Newburgh, New York

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