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I decided to try out your services because I had an offer for 25.00 worth of free food. I ordered yesterday a scheduled order for 3:30-4:00 pm...

Uber kept pushing back the delivery time even though it was supposed to be here by four pm! It was finally 5:25 when Uber messaged me saying my order had been cancelled... me and my fiancé had to leave for work at 5:30 so neither of us got to eat dinner before work! I was refunded.

Tried again to order today even paid extra to get my food in 25 mins...placed my order at 4:50 for Wendys here in Norwalk ohio. It is now 6:01 pm the food was supposed to be here by 6:05 at latest... I actually called Wendys to see if my order had been picked up yet and they told me they didnt even have an order at any of the Wendys!!! Again sitting here starving yet again thanks to your company !

I will be sure to post again on social media and spread the word of what poor service I have received from your company! I suppose from now on I will have to use doordash because I have never had an issue with them at all and always get my order delivered within the time frame stated! Now the time in 6:04 and it better be cancelled by Uber and I better be refunded!! Now I have to order from somewhere else after sitting here starving since 4:50 pm!

And honestly if it did take up to an hour to get my food I wouldnt even want it French fries would be cold and soggy and a waste of my money because we dont like to eat cold soggy French fries! I have screenshots of my order if needed!

So dissatisfied I give your company zero stars! Idc if you try to give me 100 worth of free food Im done and will never attempt to use your services again and quite frankly I dont know how you even stay in business!

User's recommendation: Don’t waste your time two days in a row Uber has left us sitting waiting over an hour for food only to cancel it in the end and we were left sitting here hungry.

Ubereats Cons: Difficult to contact anyone to resolve an issue, Loss of time and money, I paid for food and never received it.

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