You charged me and I paid you over $71 for 2 pastrami sandwiches from Katzs deli

Delivery instructions were clear as always!

My address is

110 Bedford Street apt 3B


Uber never called I have proof!

I want my money back now

You cant credit my account cuz its closed now

Or I want my 2 pastrami sandwiches best!!

Have you really cheated me out of $71 or 2 pastrami sandwiches???

Im walking up to Katzs now

Im reporting uber to Katz Im reporting to New York Times

The whole world will know that you screwed me!

Again I dont want credit I want a refund check only mailed to:

Paul Arthur Miller

110 Bedford Street apt 3B

New York, NY 10014

I am galaxies beyond pissed I promise u *** me how dare u return my money or your stock will plummet to *** by sunset!

Ive never been more serious

User's recommendation: Never ever use Uber anything.

Ubereats Pros: Sorry.

Ubereats Cons: You suck.

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