I decided to use the $25 promo code and try Ubereats.So I ordered from my home computer. Ubereats asked to know my location and I allowed it.

Their app or gps put in someone elses address 6.4 miles away which I assumed was the restaurants address and my address would appear after the delivery was picked up. I watched the driver going the wrong way and again assumed he was maybe on a double delivery. Once the vehicle stopped I then realized that address was the delivery address. The app then asked me to change the address and I did along with finding where to call the driver Walid.

Before I could call him he completed the delivery.

I tried to call and speak with someone at Ubereats about this whole situation and there was no way to speak with someone. It was a very bad first experience and I couldn't get the promo reinstated after their app put in the wrong information to give it another try so therefore I just won't use it again.

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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