I placed an order on Postmates after apparently merging with Uber Eats. At BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse in Tucson Arizona, when I received my food the hamburgers were supposed to be well done they were not they were still raw in the middle they were cold and Soggy.

One of the baked potatoes that I had ordered was supposed to be a loaded baked potato it had no butter no sour cream it only had hardened cheese and burnt bacon. I called Postmates and spoke with Maze Lohr who then informed me that Postmates would do absolutely nothing and I had to speak with someone at Uber Eats since my account was marched. The only reason that I merged my accounts was because I was offered $10 off my order which lo-and-behold was the service fee and the delivery fee.

I will not be using neither Uber Eats or Postmates in the future. This is not the first issue I've had with Uber Eats and I am very convinced that this would not be the last either every time I end up using Uber Eats there is either something wrong with it it doesn't accept my payment which the first form of payment that I abused with Uber Eats it took and now it won't use that card anymore I have a $5 gift card for Uber Eats which I cannot use nor would I since I can't get any resolutions from anything that I've ever done with Uber Eats.

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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