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on Jan 22 2021 I noticed a charge made to my account. in 2020 I gave permission for a ryan watkins to use my bank card for a uber ride never for uber eats I personally have never used or placed a order in uber eats

i have been informed that Ryan's acct has placed an order of 3737 to my bank card on Jan 22 the funny thing is I have had a new bank card since Dec 2020 so I am curious how It got onto his account I have sent several messages to you guys with very little response such as telling me to message you from Ryan's acct he used my card unauthorized or uber made a mistake I seriously need to know as I need to know what to do next thr bottom line is I have not spoken nor seen him in over 3 months there is no way he should have my new card info on his acct please let me know asap as this is getting pathetic thank you

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

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