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I am wondering if your company ever does a background check on all drivers? On October 12, 2021 at approximately 2:45 pm, I encountered a frightening experience with one of your Uber eats employee.

As I was driving into the parking space, I noticed a car reversing in a very fast speed so that they can park in the slot right next to me. I normally dont honk because of fear of retaliation but that day I had no choice but to honk. The driver did not see me and had I not honked, she wouldve hit my car. I had to honk 3 times because she was not paying attention.

Her passenger, was a black male with a gold grill wearing a bandana. He gave me a stare as if he wanted to hurt me. I apologized to him for honking even though it was not my fault and I only did this it to avoid confrontation.

He stood there grinding his teeth and stared at me as if wanted to beat the crap out of me.

Apparently, they were delivering chic-fil-a to the place I was shopping at - Dennis Uniforms located on 431 Isom Rd., San Antonio, Tx 78216. I understand this sounds stereotypical of me but the guy looked as if he was gang related his behavior most certainly displayed it.

User's recommendation: Don’t use Uber eats.. especially if the driver drives an old gold beat up Lincoln with detailed rims.

Location: Austin, Texas

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