Very poor customer service. Ive had many issues with Uber eats regarding the delivery aspect of the order.

Firstly, the drivers do not answer my messages or phone calls 95% of the time and when an order is two hours late and they do not inform you or get back to you its not just frustrating it is unacceptable. The most frustrating part of the problem is nobody available from Uber eats to speak to you in order to cancel your order or inquire about your order.

There are times when my order never showed at all and the driver never returned calls or responding to calls. Not having someone available to speak to when your order is unacceptably late or absolutely incorrect has caused me to use other services they provide better customer service.I do not want to be in a position to send five emails back-and-forth through the computer for someone to understand my claim when we sit without our meals.

User's recommendation: I would say to use another service That had better customer service.

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

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