I had to call to see when the food would be delivered. Victoria answered and said she delivered the food and but it on the bottom step near the front gate.

She said she called and sent a text. I did not get a call or a text. When I asked her where she sent the text and what number she called. She got very loud and disrespectful at my question.

She then said you can go ahead and complain that she didnt care. All I said was that I didnt get a text and got that visceral response. She said she sent it via Uber eats. I checked my account and there is no message.

While on the phone with Victoria I told I just wanted to know wen she called and text. She got even louder! That is when I fell down the steps trying to get the food and to make matters worse Victoria started to laugh. I couldnt believe someone could be so mean and inconsiderate.

I hurt my arm and lower back. I have a ring camera and you can see the incident. All she had to do was call and not lie about it! This is poor customer service.

I expect a call back about this matter.

If not I will post this on social media. This behavior is unacceptable

User's recommendation: Victoria should not be a driver.

Preferred solution: A call from your company and that Victoria not work for Uber eats! No other customer should it have this type of treatment .

Location: 4814 South Champlain Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615

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