My apart is 418 and he delivered to 118. My last White Castle order was purposely not delivered due to the delivery person not wanting to go up steps.

I left detailed delivery instructions in the app before he even got halfway here. I was waiting by my front door for him and then the app says delivery completed yet he never came near my apartment. My building is an open building meaning I open my door and we are outside. I spoke him on the phone and tried to tell him I don't have my food.

He was ready to debate and argue me down which bothered me because I am the paying customer. I realize this is something he does often by his attitude. He does not need to be dealing with customers. He was ready to lie and swear he did his job.

He took a photo of the food and half the door so you can't see the apartment. As I was looking for where he put the food. My neighbor came back from the store and seen the food and took a picture because she was the only one home and didn't order anything. Some people took the food not to long after.

This is not the job for him. I can only imaging how much money he cost uber with his continued actions.

User's recommendation: Report wrong doing so these driver can be more accountable for their actions.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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