I used Uber eats today because I had a 20 dollar off coupon of 25 ! I ordered subway and when I went to apply it did show up but when I hit select it would not take the Price off , so I hit it again and went to checkout to see if it would work that way, and when my order went though to subway it showed I was way over charged the incorrect amount so I went to instantly cancel that order because I panicked but I wanted to see first if I spoke to the agent they would see I had the promo code and reimburse me.

Well they dont let you type out your issue . When I hit cancel order the agent asked why and I only had a couple options and hit something else because I figured I would be able to explain the matter . He instantly said okay canceled order and you are charged 20 dollars for the inconvenience to the restaurant when this was instantly and no one even accepted yet. The driver nor restaurant accepted .

And the agent said thank you and that was it . I am PISSED . You cant get ahold of anyone . I tried calling apparently they dont let you call.

I will be calling my bank. Will never use again.

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