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I ordered from Ubereats and half of the order didn’t arrive so I reordered the missing items again and had to pay a separate delivery fee... not only do they not give credit for the TWO delivery fees I ended up paying but I also could not get credit for items I did NOT GET because apparently I’ve gotten credit too many times...

I would have to even be getting so many credits if my orders weren’t constantly being messed up!!!!!!!! Spending upwards of a couple thousand dollars a month (delivery almost everyday- sometimes twice a day) which is why it LOOKED like I got credits all the time- but if you compare to how frequently I ordered it wasn’t outrageous OR my fault.

Oh well- luckily there’s a plethora of other delivery services that don’t treat customers like *** Thanks for nothing ubereats. And maybe get a customer service phone number?

Location: Santa Monica, California

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