I had ordered from Uber Eats TruFoods.

For the babysitter and our daughter. Right after placing my order with Uber Eats I had called the restaurant to make sure the food that I ordered had no Nut or Mango ingredients.

The restaurant looked up my order and assured me there were no nuts or mangos in what I had ordered.

When my order got to the house, the babysitter gave my daughter the cauliflower and salmon, both containing cashews. We never ordered any of it. The babysitter gave my daughter the epi pen, and we met them at the hospital. I contacted Uber Eats and got a standard response along with a here is 10 dollars for your next order!

10 dollars doesn't even come close to appropriate.

1)For anyone ever having witnessed or gone thru an anaphylactic reaction, it is intense and scary

2) The cost of the Epi Pen alone is 75 dollars

3) hospital stay due to deductible as 3400+++.

I contacted them again and heard nothing.

Thank goodness the babysitter reacted quickly. Dr.

said 5 more min my daughter would have been dead.

Unbelievable. I understand people can make mistakes, but the response was totally unacceptable.

User's recommendation: Don’t use Uber Eats.

Location: Naples, Florida

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