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I received the wrong order (receipt clearly had someone else's name on it). I contacted the UberEats driver who claimed it was my food, that Uber gave him maybe the wrong info, and drove off.

I contacted the restaurant and they confirmed this driver had picked up (wrong order was not restaurant fault considering the food I got was not even omin the realm of cuisine they make). The driver lied to me to cover up his incompetence. I also recognized them from a previous order that also had the SAME EXACT problem: wrong order! Same damned driver!

There was no UberEats representative to get direct person support from, just their automated app help chat. So, my refund is coming likely next week, which sucks as I made the order to deliver instead of picking up myself as I had my two sick children and they needed and wanted the soup I was ordering. We had nothing else in the house they could/wanted to eat while sick. I had to reorder, drive,, and bring my poor sick children along to get the food ourselves from the restaurant.

So, I am currently out almost $100, while waiting on the refund. UberEats was extremely unhelpful and offered no customer service.

They hire shady, lying, and honestly ridiculous stupid people and allow them to continue working for them. I am planning to stop using them, they have a lost a customer in me.

User's recommendation: Be wary, especially of the apparent lack of vetting of drivers and extremely poor customer service support.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ubereats Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: All of the above..

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Childish name calling. Is this the example you are setting for your children?

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