I have heard more from PissedConsumer than anyone else. Uber Eats will never see any future business from my family or friends.

There was absolutely no way to contact them without an account, which I did not want to open.

I was expecting a gift of food from Uber Eats between 9:30 and 10:30, from a local restaurant via Uber Eats. The bell never rang and no one knocked. My husband checked mid-morning, but no delivery. At noon, I checked outside.

There were 2 generic plastic bags with verbiage in English and Spanish. There was no statement, no contact information, no restaurant name. There was a small paper stapled on a bag that had one illegible word that started with a D. When the bags were opened, I was unable to identify what the food was; literally.

It was certainly not the deli style food ordered.

And so I called the restaurant.

They advised me that the real order had been given to Uber Eats earlier in the morning and were not responsible once the food left the restaurant.

I then tried to call Uber Eats and email. The customer service phone line informed me that they are taking any calls and to email through the app. The only way to email through the app is with an account. It needs an account number.

I was the gift recipient.

So there was no way to communicate with Uber Eats, and we had inedible and unidentifiable food. Someone else got our deli lunch.

So I am an unhappy consumer.

User's recommendation: Do not order through UberEats and do not use their service.

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida

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