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This is Diane A. Tai.

I am sorry that it took me this long to get back with you, but someone broke into my email account moveforwarddat1@***.com and I had no ability to access it to reply to your email. I just gained access to my email today to respond to your inquiry.

I am very upset, because, my mobile phone was wrongfully block from using your Uber and Ubereats service.

I have pre-existing medical conditions and I don't have car, and with the weather being so cold, I rely on your services A LOT! The last time I ordered food, someone remotely got access to my phone and accessed my Ubereats account. When I tried to do a password reset, your system told me it would send a verification code to my number to (confirm that it was me requesting to change my password).

However, the phone number that your system said the code was being sent to was (301) 344-****, which wasn't my mobile number. My mobile number at the time was (301) 377-****. (My mobile number now is 240-721-****.) So, the person that got into my Ubereats account changed the phone number on my account to (301) 344-****, so that I could not perform a password reset to salvage my Ubereats account. When l called your customer service line at Uber Eats, told them what happened to see if they could recover my account and block any Uber or UberEats transactions on my debit card ending 0875 (so that someone else doesn't fraudulently use it), instead of doing what I asked, they just blocked my mobile phone device.

They did nothing to the perpetrator's phone (301-344-****). So, I wrongfully got blocked from using your Uber and Ubereats services. I don't have another mobile phone. This is the only one I have and I can't afford to buy a new $800 phone.

I just bought my iApple 13 a month prior.

The only thing I can hope for is that you unblock my iphone device. Everyone has the ability to use Uber and Ubereats, and I'm the only one who doesn't because of someone's fraudulent behavior.

Preferred solution: I would like my iphone device to be released from your block..

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

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