KLM R63 FL tag is the driver who told me she was Uber Eats.

I was waiting for my place to pull into the line of cars to pick up my order at Taco Bell off Stirling Road in Hollywood FL.

Time appx. 11 p. m.

There were several cars in line and I patiently waited to pull up.

Your driver aggressively cut into the line from the opposite side from where the cars were lining up.

I rolled my window down to explain we all have been waiting as there were cars behind me.

The woman yelled very angrily that she was Uber Eats and she's going next.

I told her that being polite, asking me if I mind as she's trying to make money, and please and thank you go a long way.

I have a picture of her tag if needed.

Location: Miami, Florida

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